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If you've managed to find you way here in an attempt to contact with a customer services enquiry, then you clearly didn't read the Help page on their website!

Please read the instructions at the top of the the JL help page. You will almost certainly find that your query is answered in the FAQ pages themselves, but in the unlikely event that it is not, you can contact the JL customer services team either via the email address given near the top of the page, or by submitting an online query via the third option at the bottom of every FAQ page. You can also contact the team who run the JL Facebook and Instagram pages.

Normally you will receive a reply within a couple of days but in December it's more likely to be 4 days or more. Please also read this FAQ from the JL site.

Please do not contact me about a JL customer service issue. I will not be able to help you. All I can do is forward your enquiry to the JL helpline team by email, which is pointless because it'll be much quicer if you email them directly yourself.