Help with

If you've managed to find your way here in an effort to get help with, then the first thing to say is that I'm really sorry, but I cannot help you directly with any specific enquiries. I work from home and don't have access to the JL customer database, nor to all the technical information required to provide reliable answers for all the different computer systems and browser versions available these days. You'd be amazed how much more complicated e-cards technology is now, compared with the early days when I was responsible for the website — not to mention the Advent Calendars and suchlike.

Anyway, it wouldn't be fair on everyone else if my personal contact page became a shortcut to the front of the JL helpline queue.

However, I can give you some pointers which may help you.

First — if you have not already submitted a help request via the JL help pages, then do so now. Follow the instructions carefully. You will be taken through a few pages which are designed to answer most people's questions. Do read them, because it really is true that 90% of people's questions are answered in those pages. If your question really isn't in the lists, then after a few clicks you'll get to a page where you can submit your enquiry directly to the JL helpline.

If you have already done that, then even if the JL team haven't yet got around to replying to you, the JL computer will certainly have sent you an automated acknowledgement within a matter of a few minutes. If you haven't received it, then there are only two possible explanations:

  • you mis-typed your email address when you submitted your help request (yes, it happens to us all!), or
  • your computer, or your Internet service provider, is blocking email from the helpline.

The latter is the likeliest explanation: because of the nature of the businesss, JL send a huge amount of email and it's inevitable that sometimes, that will be picked up by automated spam filters and misinterpreted as spam. Check the junk mail folders in your email program, and ask your email service provider how to whitelist email from Often it's as simple as adding "" to your address book.

A useful technique to check if you are receiving mail from JL is to ask for a password reminder (log off if necessary, and click the "Forgotten password" link in the top right hand corner). The password reminders are sent out automatically and with 99.99% reliability within minutes. If you don't get yours then the only possible explanations are those above.

If you have received the password reminders and/or automatic help request acknowledgement, then you know that you will get a reply as soon as the helpline get around to your enquiry. Please be patient. The helpline staff really are very diligent and they will reply — normally within 2 working days. But at busy periods such as Christmas the website can be literally hundreds of times busier than normal, and it's just not possible to provide the same response level. Think about it: on normal days only one person in every 365 has a birthday. But at Christmas, everyone sends a card to everyone they know!

But the point is that you will receive a reply, just as soon as your ticket gets to the top of the queue.

And of course, if you have genuinely tried all the above, and allowed plenty of time for a response, then please contact me directly and I'll see what I can do to help.